Anxiety, like most pop albums, flows in a similar way, which is to say it doesn't flow much at all. It's a casual listening experience, one in which you're not obligated to sit down and listen to it front-to-back. Beyond 'Play By Play' and 'Counting', the stunning first singles, most tracks here invite themselves to be repeated endlessly. 'Ego Free Sex Free', one of the more impressively dynamic songs I've heard this year, has yet to get old. Like wearing out my Backstreet Boys Millenium cassette by rewinding and replaying songs was one of the endless joys of childhood, Anxiety provides an exponentially rewarding experience with each replay. [Read Full Review]

For the latest edition of our Recommended Album Competition, we decided to go with the amazing new album from Autre Ne Veut, Anxiety.

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We'll pick a winner at random on March 29th.