'Track 3', a musical bowel movement from Taylor Swift's album 1989 (Deluxe Edition), is a few seconds of white noise that somehow has earned her the top spot for singles in Canada. That means she got #1 by the way. Oh and that doesn't say "hashtag one" – # used to mean "number" about a hundred years ago.

Hang on though, music fans. Is it really white noise? There is also pink noise, brown noise (not to be confused with the brown note of South Park fame), and grey noise. White noise is so fucking mainstream. She could've at least gone with something different, but no. She just claws her way to the top AGAIN with plain old baked-beans-on-toast, mum-giving-you-a-hairut white noise.

Some other stuff about Taylor Swift: 'Track 3' will exist as an actual song, this was most likely a silly experiment. It's not actually on sale anymore but people did really honestly pay $1.29 for what sounds like a hard drive farting.

Remember when Vulfpeck earned $20,000 with an entirely silent album?