This feature is taken from our Autumn schedule.

Iceland is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places on this Earth - and that's not just because they celebrate "Beer Day" which involves heavy drinking and plenty of bar crawls on the anniversary of the lifting of prohibition in Iceland. So, hosting a festival in the country's capital, often seen as one of the cleanest and safest cities in the world, seems like a no-brainer.

Iceland Airwaves is due to return once more to Reykjavik from November 5th to 9th with a pretty packed line up including The Flaming Lips, The War on Drugs, Kwabs and Caribou to name just a few. The 405 will also be there with a curated stage at the Gamla Bíó on the Friday (November 7th). Here's a little look at the bands you can expect to see.

M-Band (20:00)

The solo project of multi-instrumentalist Hörður Bjarnason, previously of RetRoBot, M-Band brings to mind the dark electronica of Jon Hopkins coupled with Bjarnason's often heartbreaking vocals. Except a stage packed with drumpads, synths and loopers all under the precise control of one man, creating some atmospheric, hypnotising beats and dreamy soundscapes.

Jaakko Eino Kalevi (21:00)

A Finnish dream-pop maestro and part-time tram driver, Jaakko Eno Kalevi makes the kind of pop that sounds like it would come from some marshmallowy version of the '80s; all airy Spandau Ballet synths and plenty of saxophone given a few sleeping pills and coated in sugar. His latest EP, The Dreamzone, is unquestionably catchy, drifting along in its dream-like state.

Young Karin (22:00)

Reykjavik's very own Young Karin are annoyingly young and very talented. The combination of hip-hop influenced beats courtesy of Logi Stefánsson and Karin Sveinsdótti's icy vocals creates something so effortlessly cool that it'll probably wander around with the hottest person in the world on one arm while wearing the latest trends but still want to dance with everyone and anyone and have a damn good time. This is art pop at its finest.

Sykur (23:00)

Wherever Sykur go, the party follows. If you've had enough of the wistful, dreamy pop and just want to drink the night away, Sykur's pure euphoric party anthems, taking cues from the "teaches of Peaches", are the perfect antidote. If you wake up on some field outside of town, you'll know why. Full on, arms-aloft, seven-drinks-down dancefloor magic.

Adult Jazz (00:00)

Having just released their debut album, Leeds's Adult Jazz are hopping over to Iceland to grace our very own stage. Full of complex tunes that rarely run less than five minutes, Adult Jazz have become renowned this past year for their skittering melodies and blues-y sentiments. It's often the very definition of skeletal but even in those quiet, sparse moments, there's something truly mesmerising about the jittery sounds.

Tomas Barford (01:00)

Danish producer Tomas Barford's glittery electronic tunes are the perfect soundtrack for the end of your night. Shimmering and gliding along, his tracks are full of style; Denmark by way of the Balearics at times. The real treats come when he collaborates with Swedish vocalist Nina K whose gorgeous vocals really complement Barford's stunning production.

Sísý Ey (02:10)

Sísý Ey (pronounced See See Ay) are a four-piece house band featuring three sisters - Elin, Elisabet and Sigga - plus a DJ called Oculus. Getting people dancing at 2am isn't for the meek of heart, but this formidable group are more than up for the challenge.