In celebration of our 'Albums of the Year' list we decided to get in contact with all the artists on our top 30 for a short Q&A. We sent them all the same five questions, from what their favourite album of the year is, to what they'd change about their album.

Every day during the voting period we'll post a couple of these interviews so that you can get to know the artists a bit better.

Remember, you can vote on your favourite album of the year here.

How do you feel looking back on the album? Is there anything you'd change about it?

We feel good about it! We're really proud. It represents two years solid work and we don't feel like we could have a bettered it. At the same time there are a million tiny, inconsequential things we would change about it if we could, and that's why it's probably for the best that we can't.

Tell us something about the album, or the recording of the album, that isn't common knowledge!

We didn't actually write any of the songs. They all came from 7 teenagers in Sweden.

What's your favourite album of 2011?

J: Tie between John Maus - 'We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves' and Metronomy - The English Riviera

E: Metronomy - 'The English Riviera'

What's the best thing you've done this year, besides releasing the album?

We can't tell you. It's a HUGE SECRET (that EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT).

What are your plans for 2012?

Do some more touring and get some new material out there. We've already written a bunch of new songs. It'll be interesting deciding how they come out.