You could be forgiven for approaching a track named 'M&M's, a potential love letter penned in tribute to the sugary snack, with a mixture of ridicule and mild apprehension. Clearly, you don't know Valerie Teicher, aka Tei Shi, yet. Judging by this debut release, you probably should.

After her birth in Argentina and a childhood spent in Bogota, Colombia, her teenage years were rooted in Vancouver. "I think moving around and having to adapt to so many different environments definitely gave me a certain appetite for change," she notes, before adding, "which has played a big role in creating experiences I've been able to draw a lot of emotion from."

Teicher's quick to look at the other side of the coin, too. "But I think to really focus and dive into creating you have to set up some stability and consistency in your physical surroundings. I've found that I do the most writing when I stay put in one place and am not travelling around or changing my environment constantly."

"Growing up in different places also just provided me with a varied musical taste," Valerie admits, and 'varied' it certainly was. Bob Dylan, Bjork, Feist and Regina Spektor are mentioned, as well as the dazzling grandeur of Prince and Michael Jackson and, inevitably, a healthy dose of Spanish music (Fito Paez is described as "a musical turning point"), but it wasn't necessarily one artist that dominated Tei Shi's youth; merely, it was the differences between each one that she scrutinised and celebrated. Presently, there's an ever-growing pool of genres that Valerie has been dipping her toe in - the dream pop sentiments of Beach House and Purity Ring, the fiery synth-laden sound of Grimes, the ferocious freestyles of Earl Sweatshirt and Kendrick Lamar, the "supernatural being", in her own words, that is James Blake, to name but a few.

It is thanks to them, somewhat, that we now have Tei Shi's debut release, 'M&M's, a woozy, heart-wrenching number that unfolds into an alarmingly ambitious, sprawling epic that could just soundtrack your summer months. The internet certainly believes so. It is easy to hear why so many have taken to her almost immediately. "Pleased would be a hilarious understatement," Valerie confesses when I ask for her reaction to the hype bubbling around her. "I am still kind of dumbstruck by how fast it's circulated online and how well people have received it."

Rather worryingly, 'M&M's, and the Tei Shi project itself, may not have even materialised at all. "I think I always knew that I wanted to perform and write songs, but I didn't really own up to the idea of actively putting myself out there and pursuing it until much later… actually, only really until recent months when I recorded this EP."

Although talk of a debut LP may be slightly premature ("I definitely have plans for a full-length album, but for now I'm kind of relishing in this first project"), the EP that Valerie speaks of is already awaiting release. "I had just moved to New York and was kind of embarking on somewhat of a new start, having cut myself off from a lot of my surroundings and general life before that. I was putting myself in a situation where I was taking a risk and was kind of forced to get more in touch with myself, and the project was really a result of those experiences."

Her debut release is also tinged with grief. "The final stages of it were also touched by the death of my grandmother in Colombia, who was a beautiful singer and also a musician in her youth. I used a picture of her as a teenager playing a guitar as my EP cover."

We may have only heard 'M&M's, but, quite frankly, a debut track has no right to leave us a little bit breathless. Her bitterly sweet words, (if the haunting, layered vocal delivery of "I had a dream that you left me / I deserved it" doesn't stir something within, you have no soul), coupled with the influence of the dizzying treasure trove of artists she name-drops, guarantees that Tei Shi will be a name to, somewhat avidly, watch out for.

You can find out more about Tei Shi by heading over to her Facebook page.