Anonymity plays an increasingly large part in music lately. The internet certainly makes it a lot easier to be completely nameless, to exist solely as a musical entity, a maker of music with no origin and no ego. Speaking of which, an anonymous maker of music called egomunk has been making a few ripples recently, following the release of a free album, Footsteps to Mars through his interactive website,

The music of egomunk is almost psychedelic, mind-bending, and toothsomely atmospheric – a good example is the latest track to be taken from his album, a cosmic voyage with acoustic guitar: 'The Patient'. Soft vocals and wonky synth combine with B-movie sci-fi organ sounds, gently strummed guitar and layers of glockenspiel and piano, washing over a stuttering slow march of a beat with all the airy intensity of a galactic odyssey.

This is perfectly matched by an existential video set in an abstract cosmos, a singular nebulous face ghosting out of the infinite black.

The video was created by Julia Stringer, the winner of egomunk-created competition, Ego View; entrants were encouraged to create and submit a video for 'The Patient', after which the winning entry was chosen by egomunk to be the official video for the track. Oh, and there is a £500 prize. Over at you can see some of the videos uploaded, plus new competition details will be arriving soon.

Recorded over 18 months between London and Los Angeles, Footsteps to Mars (which you can also grab on Bandcamp for free) is a relevant, interesting idea – the anonymous egomunk, also operating as a collective of "established artists," is very much aiming to challenge ideas of authorship and record label control and we like that. For more about this enigma, check out the egomunk Facebook page.