Everyone loves a good word game, that's why crosswords have been appearing pretty much everywhere since 1913 (fun fact - you're welcome). With such an abundance of word games on the App store you really have to do something special to be able to stand out.

Dsmvwld (pronounced Disimvowled) is a word game about putting vowels back where they belong - between the consonants. The premise of this game is very simple. You are given a subject, so for example Films of 2013 and you are asked to fill in the missing letters with a vowel. (A, E, I, O, U (just incase...). Let's say the word that appears is Grvty, what do you think the missing vowels are? If you guessed A and I then you would be correct.

Original simplicity

In a world of Flappy Bird ripoffs, it's nice to see someone doing something original. The game is simple, easy to pick up and it flexes your brain muscles and lord knows we all need it.

The only negative of this game is that there is no real penalty for failing as you can complete every level just by tapping on the vowels until the answer appears, but if you're feeling honest you can just press the skip button.

Ludometrics have said that all updates will be free and best of all, no In App Purchases! If you do get stuck you can skip a word at no extra cost. Take that Candy Crush with your slimy 69p for an extra move.

  • Target audience: People who like word games
  • Should you play this game?: Yes
  • Made to order back of box quote: Challenging word game that is easy to pick up and fun for all ages!

DSMVWLD was developed by Ludometrics and comes in at just 99p via the App Store.