You've heard the rumours. You either really care. Or you don't at all. There is no middle ground.

Arcade Fire and James Murphy.

If you are one of those that really care then I'm talking to you right now.

Arcade Fire. And. James Murphy. The unbelievable potential of disco. There were hints on The Suburbs. It was alluded to. On 'Rococo' and 'Sprawl II'. When you sat and thought about it, the possibilities were endless. The directions they could go together. They went as far as your brain could carry them.

Last night I got real emotional watching Shut Up and Play the Hits. Afterwards I couldn't stop thinking about this record. Of what the collaboration could bring. Of how these two totally different entities would fit together. They'd obviously toured together, and released a split 7", but musically they are so different. The more I thought about it, the more I convinced myself it would be perfect. There are so many parallels. Not just aesthetically, but in their ethos. In an awareness of themselves, of their strict presentation, their interest in explaining the world precisely now. It makes so much sense. I became caught in a daydream of the gloriously possible. A daydream of the oh my god this is about to happen.

...and then Bowie.

Bowie. The only man in music who can govern enough respect (and NDA's) to not be leaked in 2013. The man who's voice has grown beyond the voice of a man, to be the voice of all human empathy, all inner speeches, all weakness, all faults. Bowie. It was surreal enough that it couldn't be made up. The names of Arcade Fire and James Murphy escalated beyond human levels through association. Their self awareness and playful honesty forgotten in an instant. Bowie. It all became very real, very quickly, and I for one, had no idea what to expect. Was this to be the moment it jumped the shark?

And then on September 7th 2013 it happened, unexpectedly, it leaked. It was there. Like that cold night in February we spent with My Bloody Valentine it can be remembered as a night that you were glad to have not gone out. Those that stayed behind as their friends went to the party/pub/club caught a glimpse of all forthcoming parties in one 8 minutes crescendo.

...and it was better than we allowed ourselves to dream.

It starts like LCD, and it grows, it's repeated refrain growing more turbulent and urgent. You realise the things your brain couldn't quite grasp when dreaming about it. The subtlety of it. How all the pieces fit. How all previous Arcade Fire albums seemed to be building to this point. You get Murphy's influence. You can hear it. You get caught up in it. It is so intrinsically Arcade Fire, yet so unlike anything they have done before, and as you sit in wonderment at the introduction of horns for another chorus. You hear another voice. Your face is filled with a smile. Grinning ear to ear. Then he's gone. It is a cameo. It had to be a cameo, a swerve, another euphoric peak of excitement before the event. It had to be over before it began. It made sense. Everything about it makes sense.

Then the build begins again. New parts are introduced and overlapped into an amazing pay-off. It's testament to their skill, and just how far they have grown as a band that it's easily the best thing I have heard this year, and it feels so effortless. I want this to be a seminal moment in a seminal career. I want them to be a generation defining band. I want this album to be everything they have promised previously and all the things I'm not intelligent enough to imagine.

Sure I'm caught up in the moment. I'll grant you that. But it's happening now and It's all here.

I'm on my fifth listen and the streaming links disappear as quickly as they pop up elsewhere. A team of record label people are sat in an office somewhere trying to stamp at the edges of a wildfire. Armed with this knowledge, I'm not going to place a stream in this piece. You can call back Monday for the official release. Jeez. It'll sound better when it's of good quality anyway.

Update: You can now watch the single's video by heading to The visual projection was put together by Vincent Morisset and follows "a young woman who travels between her world and our own."

Update 2: David Bowie has confirmed that it is indeed his vocals that appear on the track. The singer confirmed the news over on Facebook.

Update 3: Watch the Anton Corbijn-directed video for 'Reflektor':