Last week, we told you about Apple's plans to launch a Spotify rival. Well, according to Tech Crunch it seems that Spotify still has one trick left up their sleeve - they're going browser based.

There's been no confirmation as to whether they'll be abandoning the stand alone application entirely, but what the rumour mill has been busy talking about is cheaper subscriptions for mobile users, and a Discovery function that will recommend playlists based on your listening habits.

Besides Facebook and social media integration, very little has changed over time with Spotify's user interface, which begs the question - has this always been in the pipeline, or is it a reaction to Apple's plans to make a direct competitor to the service? Time will tell which one rises from the ashes of what is sure to be a fierce competition. Personally, we'd put our money on Apple, but let us never forget the fate that befell their social media service Ping.