I'm a multi-instrumentalist writing and recording under the pseudonym of Atom Eye. The project is an exploration of experiments with field recordings, reel to reel tapes, ambient drones, cellos, guitars & other noise making machines. I love to go out and record random sounds from the city and beyond, tweak them, re-texturize them and finally compose a piece of music around them. I spend far too much time playing my guitar and exploring new ways of creating ambient sounds from just about anything I can find! My work is heavily influenced by soundtracks and sound art, and my latest record will be released in 3 individual parts, brought together by 3 shorts directed by the Yeast-London collective.

Listening to:

At the moment I'm really Enjoying The Caretaker's (James Kirby) new offering Patience After(Sebald). I love the haunted ballroom sound he's made his own....he takes fragments of obscure turn of the century ballroom 78's and warps them into surrealistic, dream-like vignettes - reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.


On my bedside table there lies: Slaughterhouse5 by Kurt Vonnegut, Dan Rhodes' Anthropology and Andrey Kurkov's Death of a Penguin.


The last film I watched was Freaks by Tod Browning, it's a cult classic I hadn't seen until recently and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm working on scoring a B&W silent at the moment so there's a few things on my list of film to watch which fit that category, Melies is next.


When I'm not playing my guitar or tweaking reel to reels...I'm playing hide & seek with my cat, of course.


All things Vegan. Veganism is a big part of my life and something I am very proud of. Ask anyone who knows me...and they'll tell you that I make fantastic vegan chocolate brownies.

Promo Info:

Atom Eye's first offering, Part I of the Trilogy 120 EP, features a guest appearance from percussionist Pete Lockett (Björk, David Holmes, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Lee Scratch Perry, Primal Scream) and is available as a free download on my website.

I'm currently talking to film makers and visual artists to set up collaborations so keep your ears and eyes peeled for Atom Eye sounds creeping up on the big screen in the not too distant future…