The 'Artist Picks' feature is a staple part of The 405 schedule - with artists big and small all answering the same questions.Philco Fiction answered a set of completely different questions for their piece, and we love that. Maybe this will kick start a new era for 'Artist Picks? - who knows. What we do know is that the band are playing the Ja Ja Ja night at the Lexington tonight, and we strongly suggest you attend.

We are: A ginger, a giant, and a star.

We live: in and around Oslo.

We make: Pop-tunes, written, arranged, and produced in our own style.

Aircraft: Lockheed p-38, but there’s only room for one person in those, so maybe a Grumman Goose, because they can carry both us, and our instruments, and it can land on water as well as on the ground.

Bird: Ostrich. It’s proof that evolution also has a sense of humour. It can’t fly. It can run really fast. It can lay the biggest egg.

Topic: Bird. (See the above)

Training method: Cross country skiing, running and chopping wood. A combination of these makes all the anger go away.

Room: Kitchen. The best people at the party, always end up in the kitchen.

Plant: Potato. You can turn it into both crisps and drinks.

Superpower: Flying. (To teach the ostrich.)

Music: Arne Nordheim, Massive Attack, Aphex twin, Haakon Kornstad, Tom Waits, Robert Wyatt, Common, Marvin Gaye, Grandmaster Flash, Steve Reich, Timbaland, Weather Report, Radiohead, Little Dragon, Ane Brun, Claude Debussy, Tinariwen, Maurice Ravel, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Madlib, MF Doom, Igor Stravinsky, Kate Bush, David Sylvian, David Bowie, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Wilco, Portishead, James Blake, Olivier Messiaen, Feist, Big Boi, Janelle Monáe, Erykah Badu, Gil Scott Heron, Sheila E, Matthew Herbert, Cocteau Twins to mention a few...