To celebrate the fact that she's going to be huge, and the imminent arrival of her S EP (out this April), we caught up with the self-proclaimed "small town, wild child, suburbanite thinker" SZA to find out what makes her tick. She also put together a 'Recommended Playlist' for you to jam along with.


  • Miles Davis - 'So What'
  • Animal Collective - 'Daily Routine'
  • Kendrick Lamar - 'Cartoons and Cereal'
  • MGMT - 'Electric Feel'
  • Fever Ray - 'If I Had a Heart'

About You:

I am a small town, wild child, suburbanite thinker.

Listening / Reading / Watching / Playing / Eating:

  • -Animal Collective - 'Daily Routine' or Fever Ray - 'When I Grow Up'
  • -A New Earth - Eckard Tolle
  • -Scandal
  • -Saxophone
  • -Copious amounts of Guacamole

Make a list of your favourite things about being on earth?

The beach, the zoo, fresh snow, my niece, taking a poop.

What's in your head right now?

How much is it to rent an Orangutan for a video!

What five things define you?

Freckles, Rebellion, Chaos, Hugs and being a Vegan Thug!

What five things bother you?

Contrived Art, Politics, Thin Eyebrows, Lack of manners, Cruelty.

If you could teach any class what would it be?

Philosophy, Vegan Cooking and Gymnastics.

What did you dream of last night?

I haven't had a dream in a while. I am more of a nightmare kind of girl.

What is your favourite thing to eat?

Avocado and Kale Salad.

Who are your favourite people?

My niece, My Granny Halmon, and my team.

Describe your favourite outfit

A pair of white chucks, my kilt, oversized t-shirt and a faux fur.

What was your favourite thing to do when you were young?

Playing barefoot in the creek near my house.

What five things would you like to try in your lifetime?

Skydiving, Deep Sea Diving, Camping in the jungle, Cooking for Bobby Flay… ?? Volunteer at an Ape Sanctuary?

You can visit SZA by heading here. Check out her latest track, 'ICE.MOON', below.