American R&B singer Ashanti has revealed she is working on the score for the already announced (but much delayed) Tupac Shakur biopic, which should begin production this year (shooting is scheduled to begin in June).

Ashanti has just released her fifth studio album Braveheart, and in fact it's the record's producer, L.T. Hutton, who is pairing with the singer for the film's score:

"He and I are gonna be doing like a musical score, or a lot of music, for the Tupac film coming in 2015," Ashanti told Complex. "So I'm super excited about that, I've known about this for like two [or] three years now. He's very, very excited about it."

Although still untitled, the Tupac biopic has recently seen John Singleton taking over the project, though no actor has yet been confirmed for the lead.

Source: FACT

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