Welcome to 'Bands, You're Doing It All Wrong', a new series dedicated to highlighting mistakes bands tend to make (usually new bands). Each week we'll be asking a new Music Industry professional to briefly outline a 'mistake' they often see bands make.

Now, 'mistake' is a provocative term to use, especially as this is all opinion-based (albeit from a professional standing), but if you have a counter-argument please leave it in the comments section and we'll discuss it with you.

First up is the incredible Sandra Croft, who runs the brilliant Cascine record label (amongst many other things):

"The thing I think bands do wrong is not thinking hard enough about their visual package that comes with songs. You see the cover art first before you hear the song, it's of the utmost importance, and with the way social media like Facebook works, the cover art is so prominently displayed and it helps to have a captivating, arresting image.

"Also as a publicist, the thing I would advise bands not to do is do their own press. It might seem logical but often bands don't have longstanding relationships with writers / sites to know how to approach them and it comes off looking amateur. When you have someone doing your press for you, that is like a vote of confidence - this publicist believes enough in your music to stake their reputation on it, and that is reassuring for writers and gives the band a semblance of professionalism."

Thoughts? Is packaging important? Do you need a PR company on your side? Let us know! Head here to read part two!