Have you got what it takes to become a Guest Editor for The 405? Yeah? Excellent! Read on!

As we've mentioned numerous times over the past few months, we're looking to expand the 'non-music' sections of site (Fashion/Tech/Art/Design/Film) - but that requires a keen editorial touch. This is where you come in.

For the rest of the year we'll be approaching the Art & Design / Fashion areas differently. Instead of trying to find permanent editors to take on such huge jobs, we'll be looking to find a new editor each week.

Guest editors will have control over what gets covered - from news to features - and will work closely with the current editorial team to put together something special for our readers.

Fancy curating the art content for a week? Fancy showcasing fashion in a new way? Let us know!

To apply, email us at hello@thefourohfive.com with your thoughts on what you'd bring to the site. We'll also be scouting for talent over the coming weeks too, so if you've got any ideas on who you'd like to see curate content on the site, please let us know.