It's almost shocking that Big Sean has only released one full LP, given the fact that his presence in hip-hop has been basically ubiquitous in recent years - such is the nature of having a GOOD Music co-sign, and some of the most memorable, meme-ready lines in contemporary rap.

But as he gets ready to release his second offering, Hall of Fame, he's been whetting our appetite by featuring hip-hop's self-proclaimed Lolita and occasional twerker Miley Cyrus in his music videos, and doing the ever important US radio press route. Perhaps the best thing about American hip-hop radio stations is that the interviewees come bearing gifts, as is the case in this instance.

Last night Big Sean shared 'Control (HOF)' with Hot 97, a track featuring man of the moment Kendrick Lamar and the ever elusive rapper (unless you read Tatler's gossip columns) Jay Electronica. Due to clearing problems, the record hasn't made Sean's upcoming record, but it is a very Kanye-esque track, featuring classic retro sampling. Still, it'd have been a disservice not to let this track meet the airwaves at least, to Kendrick Lamar who completely annihilates his co-features, and beats probably any like-for-like verse that's come out in recent months.

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