Let's get one thing straight: there is more to Björk than beating up journalists in airports and wearing a protected species of bird for a dress. Although both these events are certainly worthy of praise and repeat viewings on YouTube, combine them with a certain big band cover she did in the 90s, and they tend to eclipse (in the eye of the general populace, at least) the many great albums and songs the Icelandic goddess continues to write.

In fact, 'It's Oh So Quiet', her biggest radio-hit, is very rarely performed live and most Björk fans consider it a separate entity to the rest of her back catalogue. Like an illegitimate love child or a film director who marries his adopted daughter, you just have to ignore it and pretend it never happened. But given her history of dishing out smackdowns on journalists, perhaps I should shut up about it.

A Greatest Hits already exists, and does a perfectly good job of it too, so we've decided to use the playlist as a detour through the albums to highlight some of the hidden treasures buried within. Björk is a serial collaborator and a fiend for remixes so we've included a few notable examples here as well as a nod to her brilliant work on the soundtrack to Lars Von Trier's Dancer In The Dark, in which she starred and bagged herself an Academy Award nomination for Best Song.

Although she has been perennially cast as an oddball due to her outlandish costumes and odd interview appearances, it is that very idiosyncratic approach to everything that makes her music so compelling. It's original, there's nothing quite like it. She's an innovator and an all-round bad ass. Now go listen and make a sexy swan dress for yourself. Njóta!

  • Tracklisting:
  • 1. 'Big Time Sensuality' (Album Version)
  • 2. 'Enjoy'
  • 3. 'I Miss You' (Dobie Rub Part One - Sunshine Mix)
  • 4. 'My Spine' (Evelyn Glenie Version)
  • 5. 'Unravel'
  • 6. 'Alarm Call'
  • 7. 'All Is Full Of Love' (Live)
  • 8. 'Unison'
  • 9. 'I've Seen It All' feat. Thom Yorke
  • 10. 'Mouth's Cradle'
  • 11. 'Desired Constellations'
  • 12. 'I See Who You Are'
  • 13. 'The Dull Flame of Desire' feat. Antony Hegarty
  • 14. 'Mutual Core'
  • 15. 'Virus' (Hudson Mohawke remix)