I can only think of two brand new artists from Oklahoma who are pushing us towards the future of music - Mothica (who has since relocated to NYC) and 17-year-old producer and multi-instrumentalist Brooks Brown, who moved to Leawood, Kansas. He describes himself as a "seemingly normal teenager", and while that might be true, I don't know any "seemingly normal teenagers" his age who are producing quality tunes quite on the level as Brown is, and that's showcased in spades on his new one 'Lights Out' which we're premiering today!

He drops his debut EP Sidetracked in four days on 12 May and both the title track, 'Awake', and 'Lights Out' showcase his ability to create stunning futuristic RnB in the same vein as HUNTAR but with electronic flourishes similar to Royce Wood Junior. 'Lights Out' is his first song to ever feature his own vocals, which is a shame as they're both confident and incredibly mature, serenading us with an ode to commitment - "I'll be here to stay" - but with some pretty sensual overtones. Stream it below!

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