2012 has been an intense year for Brothers In Law. The Italian trio toured like hell to promote their Gray Days EP, guitarist Nicola Lampredi shared the stage with Japandroids during their European tour with Be Forest and they went through deep, emotional changes in their personal lives.

So it perfectly makes sense that they choose 'Leave Me (Shadow II)' as lead single for their debut LP Hard Times For Dreamers, which will be released on We Were Never Being Boring, CF-Records and Cocoheart Records (for Japan) on January 30th. In fact, the band’s intention of not mulling over, but looking forward to pursue their ambition is not only perfectly pictured in the descriptive title (as shoegaze tradition requires), but also achieved by the song itself.

Wonderfully crafted balancing Lampredi’s shimmering, reverberated riffs with Giacomo Stolzini’s Felt-alike backing guitar-work and, we suppose, shaped by the extraordinary ear for melodies that drummer Andrea Guagneli brought to the original formation, it shows a huge improvement from their previous offers as well as a band that is now ready to compete with many of the most talked-about names of the dream/shoegaze contemporary scene.

Check it out below. Then, if you like what you hear and it occurs you’ll be nearby Austin in March, take note that Brothers In Law (alongside with His Clancyness) will represent Italy at this year’s SXSW. You can help the guys raising money for their trip to the States and pre-order the record via Musicraiser.