Busdriver has shared 'Ego Death' from his new album Perfect Hair, due out September 9 via Big Dada. The 6-minute long track features Danny Brown and Aesop Rock and was produced by Brainfeeder's Jeremiah Jae.

Busdriver is one of hip-hop's more cerebral rappers with a mile-a-minute flow and references from all corners of the world. He's also unafraid to experiment, having worked with Lapalux on the brilliant 'Forlorn' last year. The rapper describes his upcoming album in more imaginative ways than most of the current generation of hip-hop artists: "What would Gravity’s Rainbow sound like as a rap album? Here is an album which, if we may, reminds the listener of their whispered allegiances to fundamental realities."

'Ego Death' is certainly one for the alternative hip-hop category with its dark lurching beat with occasional explosions and bell toll sounds behind Busdriver's rapid fire lyrics. Busdriver, Aesop Rock and Danny Brown are a pretty diverse bunch on a track but somehow they all manage to make the beat their own, even if Brown's register might have worked better when juxtaposed with the deep-voiced Aesop Rock.

Listen below.

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