Wahooooo! It's Charli XCX (and Rita Ora) being remixed by A.G. Cook! This is cool! Yeah, their track 'Doing It' has been given a tasty revamp by the starfleet commander of PC Music himself, Mr. Cook.

The original, a sugar-coated and summery anthemic slice of pop, gets turned into a kind of hyper-europop courtesy of Cook, the vocals pitch-shifted and isolated – chopped and rhythmically looped – now glossy with latex sheen away from their original encasings. Syncopated synth bloops count time below high-pitched trance chords, glockenspiels following the vocal hook – a polished piece of music.

However, what's most interesting about this remix is that it features a constant build-up and drop down into muffled waves of synth, fluctuating between the two without actually "dropping" into anything, almost a pastiche of EDM. Instead, the stabbing synth chords undergo surprising and dramatic progressions, especially around the middle of the track, with the "drop" appearing right near the end as 25 seconds' worth of kick drum and jangling, clicking percussion before disappearing.

The dynamic that usually permeates popular remixes of popular artists has been turned on its head here, with no obvious intent as to where this should be played, or even by whom. It's symphonic, but gleamingly, coldly, futuristically so, swapping the dust and ancient wood of violins for unbreakable synthetic sounds and diving headfirst into unexplored territory, into a new Venn diagram whose circles did not traditionally overlap. But they do now, or at least for A.G. Cook they do.

Hmm. So yeah.

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