Back in March, Mr. Young Thug and Mr. Metro Boomin – two rappers from Atlanta – decided that they'd get together and make some sweet collaborative music. Thus was born Metro Thuggin. One track appeared: 'The Blanguage' – if nothing else, I love the title.

At the time, there was talk of releasing a collaborative album under the name Metro Thuggin. A video for 'The Blanguage' appeared. Then…… nothing.

But hope is on the horizon for a potential full-length release, mixtape or album – whatever. Why? Cause they've uploaded a couple of new tracks for your enjoyment. One is called 'Speed Racer', the other is called 'Warrior', in which it kind of sounds like they're saying "farrier" instead of "warrior". The former shows off a kinda more pop-directed sound, with progressions of a rap/singing hybrid appearing in the chorus, whereas the latter is full of grit.

Listen (and download for FREE) below.