Chief Keef was apparently arrested earlier this month on DUI charges. According to a post on TMZ, the rapper was pulled over in Highland Park, Illinois, for having expired tags on his 2010 Jeep Cherokee. After the police approached the car, they reportedly felt the smell of pot, and performed a series of sobriety tests after which the rapper admitted to smoking marijuana prior to driving. Keef was also charged with driving on a suspended license without required insurance documentation.

The arrest was made in the early hours of March 5th, only two weeks after Keef left rehab; the rapper was then released after paying a $300 (£180) bail.

Chief Keef is to release his Bang 3 and Bang 4mixtapes, although no details have been announced yet; he has recently shared a new video, 'Make It Count', without, however, explaining where the track is going to feature.

Source: FACT

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