After revealing that he is only set to appear in five episodes of the upcoming season of Community, the show which arguably made his name back in 2009 when he began playing misunderstood high school jock Troy Barnes, Donald Glover is already making steps to prove his move to focus more on Childish Gambino is for real. He has been extremely cryptic about the whole affair, taking back to Twitter after a long break to reveal new track 'Centipede' and now to reveal the trailer for a film.

The music video/short film/whatever entitled Clapping For The Wrong Reasons is set to release in full some time next week, according to Glover, and for now has given us a short trailer. The film, directed by music video director Hiro Murai who has the likes of Scissor Sister's Shady Love on his show reel, features Glover gallivanting around a huge mansion but with much less glee than the likes of Dudley Moore’s Arthur Bach. It all looks very symbolic and pretty nice to look at, plus the credits reveal that the likes of Flying Lotus, Chance The Rapper, and Trinidad Jame$ all have parts in this film, among others.

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