You know the day is going to be an odd one when the first piece of news you read is that Miley Cyrus has been working on a remix of Kanye West's 'Black Skinhead with the man himself. But then, with the entire Cyrus hullabaloo going on recently, it's kind of not surprising. At all.

Mike Will, Cyrus' producer, confirmed that the collaboration was going ahead having gone straight to the studio soon after the MTV Video Music Awards. Will said, "It's about done, we're just touching the beat up a little bit. It's sounding crazy." How this is going to pan out, well, your guess is as good as ours.

When asked about Cyrus' infamous performance at the VMAs, and what Kanye thought of it, Will replied with an almost Carollian riddle, "He told her she did it right, too. Ye is someone who understands. I think someone who understands isn't going to have anything to say about the performance." Answers on a postcard as to what exactly he is blathering on about. [via CoS]

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