Remember when Beyoncé threw everyone's end of year lists into disarray when she released her surprise self-titled album last December? Twitter went absolutely mental. And probably every single music site was like, "NO! WE'VE ALREADY DONE THE END OF YEAR STUFF BEFORE THE ACTUAL END OF THE YEAR! NOOO!" So they couldn't put it on any of their lists. Which was funny and sad.

Well anyway, there's a sequel. There may be a sequel. So a dodgy photo of a screen (not even a screenshot, but a shot of a screen) would have you believe, anyway. Beyoncé Volume 2 will arrive (physically) on 25th November, which the "Release Confirmation" says is a Monday but… check your calendars. It's a Tuesday. Is this a hoax or did somebody make a big ol' stupid mistake? However, the 14th November, the digital release date, is down as a Friday and the 14th is in fact going to fall on a Friday. Help us.

On the same picture you can see with your actual eyes that Beyoncé: The Complete Edition is also on the cards. Deluxe.

If it is true, we'll have collaborations with Drake, Frank Ocean, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, and even Blue Ivy to look forward to. If it isn't true, we'll have nothing to mess up our end of year lists. Thank goodness. But also sorry because it's not how everything relates to publications, we're not worthy.

UPDATE: Turns out it is a hoax…

But it also turns out that something appeared on Amazon UK, something by Beyoncé that's gonna be released on 24th November – this would be Beyoncé Platinum Edition Box Set. Boom. And as with any deluxe special luxury limited very rare edition of something, it's four-discs long, there's a DVD, photobooklet and Beyoncé mini-calendar for the coming year, amongst other things.

Within this is a collection of tracks called More, which is as you think it is: more from Beyoncé with friends (Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Pharrell, Mr. Vegas) collaborating for "remixes". One such collaboration, the 'Flawless Remix' featuring Nicki Minaj, is below for your visual and aural pleasure.

  • More tracklist:
  • 01 7/11
  • 02 Flawless Remix (ft. Nicki Minaj)
  • 03 Drunk In Love Remix (ft. Jay-Z and Kanye West)
  • 04 Ring Off
  • 05 Blow Remix (ft. Pharrell Williams)
  • 06 Standing on the Sun Remix (ft. Mr. Vegas)

We already had our suspicions that Jay Z and Yoncé were working on stuff together, though.