I know it's starting to look like it, but I promise you, "Courtney Love hates x" isn't one of our daily features, she just truly does hate that much stuff. We've had hate for saxophones and Bruce Springsteen this week, but she isn't finished yet, in fact she's turned her attention to Queens of the Stone Age. Courtney revealed hatred of Josh Homme and co. whilst hating on some new material that she and the possibly-reuniting Hole were working on in a interview with The Quietus. Read her full quote below.

"Well, you sit and you write like, Queens of the Stone Age drudge for a month, and it's just not happening, and it's not happening - not that Queens of the Stone Age suck, but people expect a lot more from me. Josh Homme can play like, four notes on his bass, and people take off their tops, but I have a higher bar for whatever reason. It has to be just fucking really, really good. So, then I started playing with Patty [Schemel] and Melissa [Auf der Maur] and Eric [Erlandson], just to see how that was, if we got anything killer happening."

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