Every week, an ever-growing portion of my Twitter feed lights up like it's awards show night with the hottest of takes on the new hip hop drama Empire, and now they've revealed that Courtney Love will be guest starring on an episode. She'll be playing a drug addicted R&B singer in the show's sixth episode.

She spoke about the character to The Hollywood Reporter, saying that “she’s got a lot of entitlement, and I think she’s just lost,” adding “I think she’s no longer relevant, and she’s not making relevant music, and because she has such a big drug problem, she’s not really paying attention to what’s relevant and what’s not; she couldn’t care less.”

“It’s made clear in [the episode] that Elle sold 147 million records as opposed to my paltry 8 [million], so I look at Mariah [Carey] and Whitney [Houston] and some of the big divas that have sold those kind of numbers, and what Whitney was like the very short amount of time I spent with her, and Mariah, who’s great — I adore her, but she does have a retinue; she’s an industry unto herself. I kind of wanted to bring some of that [to Elle]. She’s trying to get relevant again, but until she gets rid of the drug problem she’s not going to be able to focus on being relevant again.”