This week sees the release of new Crewdson EP, Gravity Remixes, and the beatmaker extraordinaire has enlisted the help from frequent collaborators to provide the remix duties.

Hugh Jones (the real name) has a penchant for using found sounds - in a similar vein to pioneering electronic musician Mathew Herbert (who Jones also works with in One Pig) - to create a fantastical glitchy-jazz blizzard. 2011's Gravity album is a marvelous demonstration of this, and here we get some more welcome mileage out of it with interpretations from the likes of Bambooman, Hello Skinny, Real and Snorkel.

Fellow Slowfoot Records artist Snorkel takes 'Cascade' and transforms the track into a Four Tet-esque pulsating gem; download the track here and enjoy. Afro-beat kraut-eteers Snorkel also have an EP out that is very worthy of your attention by the way.

'Gravity Remixes' is out now on Slowfoot Records.