Indie-pop duo Cults have given us some more information regarding their new album Static today, which is due out October 15th on Columbia Records. You can take a look at the tracklisting below, and they’ve also shown us two different album covers for Static—in wonderfully static-y .gif format! The album was produced by Shane Stoneback, who produced their first album, and Ben Allen (Animal Collective, Washed Out) contributed as well.

Check out the .gifs here.

  • 1. I Know
  • 2. I Can Hardly Make You Mine
  • 3. Always Forever
  • 4. High Road
  • 5. Were Before
  • 6. So Far
  • 7. Keep Your Head Up
  • 8. TV Dream
  • 9. We’ve Got It
  • 10. Shine A Light
  • 11. No Hope

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