Following their 2012 EP Sideways, Sometimes, Cymbals have announced a new album for 2014, whose title is based on a book by Princeton academic Daniel T. Rodgers that addresses the fragmentation of ideas towards the end of the last century and how collective meanings have become uncertain.

"We've never been in it just for a laugh," says singer and guitarist Jack Cleverly. "But things got confused when we said we wanted to keep it fun – we just didn't want to end up bitter, having chased a hollow dream. But this album is less about us; it's more outward looking, more aware of the world at large."

The Age of Fracture is out on January 27th via Tough Love. Check the tracklist and listen to 'Erosion' below.

  • 1. Winter '98
  • 2. The Natural World
  • 3. You Are
  • 4. Empty Space
  • 5. The 5%
  • 6. The Fracture of Age
  • 7. Like An Animal
  • 8. Erosion
  • 9. This City
  • 10. The End
  • 11. Call Me