Electronic legends Daft Punk are set to launch their latest record, Random Access Memories in a location that really is as random as it gets.

Breaking with the conventional the French duo wont be launching their fourth album in a trendy quarter of London or on top of a New York skyscraper, no they will be heading to Australia and not even one of the major cities but to a town with a population under two thousand people called Wee Waa in New South Wales.

Hijacking the annual Wee Waa Show which celebrates the town dubbed "The Cotton Centre of Australia", the event will now also play host to the launch of one of this years most anticipated albums. Speaking about the announcement the town's mayor claimed "he thought someone was pulling his leg." An official statement for the town show went on to say, "They just wanted somewhere that was a bit different to what Daft Punk does. They're known for breaking down barriers and being creative and Wee Waa is uniquely Australian so they just said 'lets go to Wee Waa'. Amazingly our show is on at the same time [as their album release]."

Random Access Memories is released on May 21st through Columbia Records imprint Daft Life Limited.