Pretty much every record store bargain bin you look in is littered with endless film soundtracks, all the ones you'd ever actually want are long gone, it's all just creased Grease soundtracks, and scratched copies of Purple Rain. Death Waltz Recordings must've noticed, because they've made it their mission to reissue each of film's great soundtracks one at a time. They've already put out some of John Carpenter's seminal work, and the sounds from just a sampling of the greatest horror cinema has to offer.

Now they've turned their eyes to television, and will re-release Angelo Badalamenti's Twin Peaks soundtrack, making it available on vinyl for the first time since its initial release in 1990. The David Lynch created TV series was one of the first to blur the lines between small and big screen mediums, so Death Waltz will also put out a reissue of the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk soundtrack, the shows prequel movie. They'll be available separately the first as cherry coloured vinyl pressing, and the second as coffee-coloured.

The soundtracks will be available to order soon from Death Waltz Recordings. Watch the opening credits of Twin Peaks below.

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