Today's Advent Calendar playlist is from Only Real.

"I thought I would make my playlist about the Beach Boys who are perhaps my favourite band, so here is ten of my favourite Beach Boys songs; some classics and some are a bit more from the catalogue."

1. 'Here She Comes'

Hard to believe this is even the Beach Boys. So much soul! 

2. 'Darlin'

This was one of the first songs that really got me hooked on the Beach Boys. Up until hearing this, I'd only experienced the really famous songs. This made me explore their albums.

3. 'Keeping The Summer Alive'

Such a feel good/nostalgic sounding tune!

4. 'Wild Honey'

I love how it begins and the siren sound that runs throughout the song. Combined with the lyrics, I just think it works really nicely.

5. 'Help Me Rhonda'

Quite a classic. Love the pre-chorus bit especially.

6. 'Mona'

Such a sweet song. "How's about an 8 o'clock dinner".

7. 'All I Wanna Do'

This song is so ahead of its time! It's like a chillwave song from 2009. It's also definitely one of my all time favourites.

8. 'California Girls'

Absolute banger.

9. 'God Only Knows'

Such a cool vibe, which is why I think it has become anthemic and ingrained in everyones heads as a go- to love banger. The Beach Boys have loads of songs that contain a genuine sweetness to them, and this is probably the most evocative of them all.

10. 'I Get Around'

Banger of all bangers I would say.