"Do you want an anthem"? The assumption in Drake's tweet here is that if we click the link that follows we'll get one… and it'll make out hearts pulsate, ignite out fight and flight and up out testosterone levels.

I feel normal and unmoved. Call it a lie; call it false advertising, call it 'I cannot bare the amount of features that 2 Chainz is getting at the moment'. Still, he's not the worst thing about 'All Me', Drake's latest and meekest cut from his upcoming release Nothing Was the Same.

It is easy to forget on 'Started From the Bottom' that Drake is suffering from a real case of 'I'm successful = I can only write about being successful', because the Mike Zombie production on that track is impossibly brilliant and acts as an, albeit thin, veil against attacks from at bemused Youtube vloggers about how Drake can claim to have 'started from the bottom'.

Still, not even the dark and melancholic Key Wane production can hide Drake this time round as he spews the same lack of perception that inspired this meme. "Came Up/That's All Me/Stay True/That's All Me" - he raps the hook with confidence in abundance, because he really believes what he's saying. I don't think anyone's really doubting this; it's not like he's faced the rumour that the Illuminati is funding his success or that he's literally sold his soul to the devil a la Robert Johnson. Unfortunately though, it seems fair to assume that 'Nothing Was the Same' will be riddled with tales about the peaks and troths of success, and maybe not much else.

The song isn't helped by the fact that it's really hard to listen to 2 Chainz when you aren't drunk - his infamous (or again 'famous' depending on your level of sobriety) one-liners don't resonate as much at 10 o'clock gloomy Thursday morning in the Midlands. And while Big Sean has become everyone's favourite comical feature, his bars on this track are surprisingly meek.

Meek is the word then… or maybe limp… perhaps just bleak. An anthem it is not, and given the production, it's more so a song for the-after-party-after-the-after-party. But still, to end on a positive note, maybe it'll fit better when the record is heard in full? I'm not that hopeful.

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