World renowned auction house Sotheby's are teaming up with Aubrey Graham, aka Drake, for an upcoming exhibition of works by contemporary black American artists.

If you're hoping to grab yourself a one of a kind Drakasso painting, think again. Drake has been enlisted to curate the soundtrack which includes works by Rashid Johnson, Nick Cave, Glenn Ligon, Kara Walker, Wangechi Mutu and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The New York Times reports that Sotheby's hopes that Drake will "lend some of his aura to bolster its budding private sales business" while Drake himself calls the auction house one of the "foremost cultural tastemakers."

With all that being said, Drake is not thought to be an art collector like some of his peers (notably Jay Z and Kanye West) but his spokeswoman says he "draws a lot of inspiration from visual artists." So there's that. If you've got some money lying around in the bank and want to pick up a few pieces while listening to Drake (and Drake approved music) the auction takes place at Sotheby's New York headquarters from April 28 to June 12.