Here comes ESPRIT 空想 (the Japanese says "kūsō" and means "fantasy") with some really superb music to funk up your Monday. Real name George Clanton, he's a component of vaporwave – a kind of genreless genre, part punk, sampling whatever they please, part internet-based movement, part-Japanophiles, part-lo-fi-aesthetes – and creates music that calls forth dreams of the early 80s in a mix of cheesy adverts and luxury muzak. This particular song, 'Slow 2014', is a rare case for vaporwave as it is entirely sampleless – or at least the SoundCloud tag says.

Dripping with the melted brain languor of summer and its aching blue skies and sprinklers, 'Slow 2014' stuns you with an understatedly funky bassline and gently drapes you in gloriously glistening synth chords that resound happily in the mind. Background noise clips in the background between the swaying 80s-drum-machine-esque beat, leading towards the end, via spiralling synth whimsy, where things die down and you can hear the bass and the beat in all their singular style. Let us know how you feel after listening to this – if it isn't totally horizontally relaxed, we'll be worried.

ESPRIT 空想 also makes music as Mirror Kisses, a delicious-sounding synthpop style outfit that you'd probably like as well.

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