Is the fisherman's hat the new beanie?

I have spotted the occasional, usually bearded, chap wearing the bucket, or as I prefer to call them (because that's what they are), fisherman's hat, of late. Granted this so far has only been in Clapton and Peckham, but give it time...

As a quasi Mancunian, this hat feels very much a part of my childhood - as much as chips and gravy and the pop man. Yes, all my childhood memories revolve around consuming food and drink because it was too wet and cold to do much else, ok? Unless I missed the memo (again) and fishing for your own supper up on Hackney marshes is the new street food pop-up, this hat - so often associated with Mancunian bands, bad sideburns and maggots - is set to be, dare I say it, a trend. Top tip: you can still get them down the army and navy alongside Fruit of the Loom t-shirts and khaki shirts. Don't forget to grab a Greggs and a Vimto on your way back for that authentically northern Saturday morning.

Rihanna's gone and already worn it, and let's face it, if she wore a suit made of pubes the mass media would cry 'it's the next big thing'. The Telegraph were all over this shebang and immediately hailed the fisherman's hat the key accessory of summer 2013. Bit off the mark there, I didn't see parks full of Gallagher lookalikes at any point. Then again, I didn't go to any Beady Eye or Paul Weller concerts...

Designers Margaret Howell, Rag & Bone, Craig Green and Liam Hodges all included this unexpected item in SS 14 collections at London Men's Collection. Just look at the humble slip on. Once an item your dad wore poolside on holiday because your mum picked them up last minute from a sale as she passed in JJB (R.I.P), it is now a covetable accessory, making Adidas and Nike even happier than usual.

Like the 90s in all its Kappa and Ellesse glory, sportswears having its moment again and so it seems increasingly possible that come spring the overground's going to be full of guys, and maybe even girls, looking like healthier extras from Shameless. London will finally feel like home sweet home.

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