Having just moved to Los Angeles from the Midwest a few short months ago, this fall (and the winter, especially) will be pretty different for me - the temperatures won't drop nearly as drastically, the leaves will stay on the trees for the most part, and I may be spending Thanksgiving on the beach. The changing of the seasons normally marks a slight alteration in what I listen to as well, shifting from synth-based groups that are perfect for the hot days of summer to acoustic based projects like Nashville duo Field Division's new song 'Modest Mountains'.

Featuring Andrew Heringer of Milo Green, it's a stunning track with beautiful harmonies and a craftsmanship that you'd expect from a band who's on their second or third release, but Field Division will just be releasing their debut EP Reverie State on 28 October. The song was produced by Konrad Snyder and Benjamin Kaufman, and its warm, lush sounds will wash you over with a sense of tranquility and, well, reverie, and you can stream it for yourself below.

Listen below.

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