Money Dashboard races onto iOS and Android in an attempt to sort out your budget. According to research carried out, most Brits feel the most embarrassing place to find your bank balance empty is the checkout, followed by being on a date (fellas more than ladies on that one). Money Dashboard, a mobile application, seeks to help prevent these situations by offering a way to keep easy tabs on all of your accounts.

Originally launched in 2010 by CEO Gavin Littlejohn as a web browser service, Money Dashboard have now released a iOS and Android app (after launching a mobile site in March) to make keeping an eye on your account on the go much easier.

Track your money this summer

In a world where money doesn't quite go as far as it used to, and for people who have a number of accounts to keep track of, an application like Money Dashboard is a great way to correlate all your details, and keep tabs on your spending. Additionally for those who already keep an eye on their accounts, Money Dashboard provides nice simple infographics that show where money is going, and help you see where you can improve your monthly budget.

It also has the additional benefit of allowing you to keep track of all your accounts even when on holiday and a quick reference to what's in your account before you spend on a night out or do the weekly shop. In comparison to awkward bank logins, and guesswork budgeting, Money Dashboard offers a way to stay on top of your money, and avoid any unpleasant surprises when you attempt to pay out.

Secure and useful

Providing a secure way to add your accounts using GlobalSign and TRUSTe technology to protect your details, and fully audited by Security Alliance, who also offer same services for Banks, Money Dashboard provides swift access to recent transactions, and automatically uses your statements to make pie graphs and flowcharts that show where your money is going. You can even add your own additional details to the pie graph as Money Dashboard groups everything into broad subjects, so if you want to split household costs into specific utilities, or 'fess up to why your lifestyle spend is so huge, you can. The app even helped display how useful this is by displaying the outgoings of the characters in Mad Men.

Money Dashboard is available for free on iOS and Android, and via mobile web.