Fin Greenall, Tim Thornton, and Guy Whittaker make up Fink, and they're releasing their new album Hard Believer on 14 July on Greenall's new Ninja Tune imprint R'COUP'D. It was recorded in a little over two weeks at the legendary Sound Factory studios with Billy Bush. The title track from the band's fifth album is available to check out now, and it's a down-tempo effort that pairs Greenall's soulful Americana tones with driving drums and an acoustic guitar line that slowly gets more complex as the song goes on.

You can grab your free download of 'Hard Believer' over at their website, and stream the track below!

  • Tracklist:
  • CD1
  • 1. Hard Believer
  • 2. Green And The Blue
  • 3. White Flag
  • 4. Pilgrim
  • 5. Two Days Later
  • 6. Shakespeare
  • 7. Truth Begins
  • 8. Looking Too Closely
  • 9. Too Late
  • 10. Keep Falling
  • CD2
  • 1. Hard Believer (Denmark Street Session)
  • 2. Green And The Blue (Denmark Street Session)
  • 3. Pilgrim (Denmark Street Session)
  • 4. Truth Begins (Denmark Street Session)