Heralded as a disaster by meaner musical news outlets, we switched on the stream for Lady Gaga and R. Kelly's new track 'Do What U Want' expecting to hate it. When it blasted out of our speakers like some kind of glittery, uber-sexy College and Christina Aguilera hybrid then, we wondered if we'd got the right track.

Things you'd expect from it: Lady Gaga rocks the show, R. Kelly is a bit of a creeper and says a swear, R. Kelly says "private partyyyyyyyy" in a high-pitched R. Kelly voice. Things you wouldn't expect: by the end of the song you think "yeah, R. Kelly actually nailed that."; the artwork is pretty horrid. Lady Gaga, we love your tuchus as much as anyone but please not on CD covers. Ta.

If you disagree please feel free to argue about the finer points of pop music in the comments below. We'll never agree with you, but you might feel better.

Stream the track below and see the artwork below that.