The first load of acts for next year's SXSW have been announced. There are literally so many. I tried counting them all but gave up after 25. Soooo many. I guess there's an audience for everything and something for everyone so… yeah.

Taking place over six days from 17th – 22nd March, in Austin, Texas (surely people know that by now – actually no, I was talking about it with someone who I thought was pretty clued up on music but they were like "what is this ess-ex-ess-double-u" – seriously man?) the music side of the also-interactive-and-film-focused festival features a number of people we'd wanna go see. Moon Duo, suicideyear, Jessie flippin Ware, Twin Peaks, Pharmakon, Love Inks (who actually gave The 405 a super-cool Guide To Austin, their home town, earlier this month), and a load of others.

And this is just the first round of announcements (the full list for which you can see 'ere). There will be more. I wanna go. (Send me, send me!) (But don't send me as well cause it's scary to go anywhere.)

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