The latest from Fist City, 'Losers Never Die', is one hell of a song. It's a guitar driven fast-paced track that no doubt gets circle pits started any time it's played live. The rough (but not too rough, as there's a certain balance achieved) vocals and distorted guitars could gain popularity from pop-punk kids to hipsters alike. It's taken from their record It's 1983, Grow Up which is getting reissued by Transgressive Records on 19 May alongside a limited edition cassette, which will be available on Kissability.

Kier Griffiths explained the track a bit more, saying "'Losers Never Die' is a kind of homage to the lovely weirdo’s local to my hometown. This town, having those backwards qualities that small prairie towns often have, is one that we'd always framed as a place to get out of. Some pals left but many returned; more never left and probably never will. "This place is a vortex" we'd say….So we have this pack of "losers"... But now that we're collectively sucked in, it's a town owned by "losers" who are doing awesome things and making this place a kind of freak paradise. Or at least that's how I see it.”

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