G-F-O-T-Y-G-F-O-T-Y! Yes, it's PC Music stalwart GFOTY with a mix that has been dubbed the 'Cake Mix'. Who knows why. Oh it might have been inspired by the cake pictured above, or it may be the other way round: the cake was inspired by the Cake Mix. What am I talking about?

The mix is includes few GFOTY originals, including a half-original which is a jaunty cover of Peter Andre's 'Mysterious Girl' with the chorus now going, "G-F-O-T-Y, I wanna get close to you…" and random words – umbrella, submarine, beach, pina colada – popping up in the verse bits. But the best part arrives at the end with another cover, this time of Blink 182's legendary 'All The Small Things' – it's a minimalist, slightly sorrowful reworking of the original.

What does it sound like? Lots of synth chords and the occasional scary bit with clownish bleepery that is reminscent of some nightmare playroom. There's a lot of music box-esque melodies, blipping around with cute poignancy, lots of fizzing electronica – lots of exploration with sound, basically. It also ends with a reworking of the very familiar 'Wedding March' by Mendelssohn.

Listen to it below! And download for free if you like.

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