I'm a total sucker for looped sunny sunshine guitars –made elastic electric putty with slacker weed-laced whammy bars – especially when these things happen to be draped as silken smooth as they are over the jagged upturned-table boom bap beats in this new collaboration between BADBADNOTGOOD, the Toronto jazz/hip-hop band, and NYC rapper, GHOSTFACE KILLAH. The track, 'Gunshowers', also features Elzhi, both rappers delivering with figurative killer intent in their verses.

The collaboration isn't just for one track though, it's a whole motherflippin album. Entitled Sour Soul, it's gonna be released 16th February 2015 on Lex Records, and brings back a retro sound, taking inspiration from the recording techniques and sounds that existed in the '60s and '70s. If it's anything like this track right here, then it's gonna be huge.