When famed violinist Alexander Schneider is your grandfather and your mother is a well known Danish violinist, you're probably expected to stay with your family's classical music traditions - not so for Copenhagen-based musician Hannah Schneider. Instead, she took off on her own path which you can hear in her new song 'Wild Open', bringing those classical roots together with flourishes of minimalist electronica and gorgeous melodies, which she says in a statement was one of the most important components of the song for her. "I'm a total melody fanatic. I have favourite songs in every genre, from Robyn's "Do You Really Love Me" to Joni Mitchells "A Case of You". A good melody does the right thing at the right time. You have to be able to cover a whole landscape in three or four minutes. Every time a verse finishes, there's got to be a little lift".

'Wild Open' is taken from her debut album Red Lines, which is out now on Lojinx in the UK.

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