Here is Marika Hackman's latest track, 'In Words'. Taken from her upcoming album We Slept At Last, it's a track that feels like the sound to burning the midnight oil – quiet and subtle, haunted by a plethora of noises from gleaming percussion and electronic stutterings, to the antique organic dust of a big drum thud and the steady jaunt of rhythmic guitar. At the same time, it sounds beset with breezes, Marika's voice itself seemingly summoning nature and being outdoors; it's standing on a mountain at night time, but in a dream.

It's progressive folk music, with sounds that take you back far, far from its '60s revival, back to actual folk music, Pagan music, a millennium old atmosphere conjured with its collection of instruments and sounds and vocal chords, ancient spirits in modern vessels all lovingly churned together with help from burgeoning producer Charlie Andrew.

We Slept At Last is out 16th February. The photo above is by Glen Erler, with whom Marika has been working to create a series of images for the album; in fact, the vinyl version of the album comes with a 24-page art book.

• Marika once compiled a list of her Top 10 favourite Top 10 lists for us – it's very meta.