This is a brand new track from French producer Pierre Lefeuvre aka Saycet, featuring longtime collaborator Phoene Somsavath on vocals. It's called 'Mirages' and it pulses, glistens, writhes with life, shot with gloriously heavy-handed thickets of percussion booming and clacking. This is contrasted with the its soft and delicate synth sounds, but not for long: soon these rise into torrents of melodic goodness, life-affirming arpeggios, imploring high-register wails alongside the warm voice of Phoene gradually making its way into your mind.

For Saycet himself, it marks a change for the way he makes music: "It's the melody that became a pretext for the arrangement, whereas before the opposite was true. Before, I was happy under the umbrella of the electronica movement, but now I try less to stay in the mould."

He's also made a video teaser for his live shows this year, which you can watch at the end of this post. You can find live dates on his Facebook page.

It comes from his third album – and his first in four years – Mirage, which is out 9th March on Meteores Music. You can pre-order it here.