I'd have preferred this song if it were called 'Bad Belieber' but you can't always get what you want. In reality, it's called 'Bad Believer' and it's by St. Vincent.

It is an unreleased song that comes from the new DELUXE EDITION of her self-titled album (it will also include a remix from defunct-for-now outfit Darkside). It is very poppy and is filled with crunchy guitars and a bubble-gum beat, and it's also got this squeaky, cartoony guitar sound in it, an unrelenting hook – "What do you know I'm just a bad believer" – and it ends, bizarrely, sounding like a Christmas song.

The deluxe edition of St. Vincent's album (or just the new tracks) will be available on iTunes from 21st January in the UK, and the full album (plus new tracks) on CD from 9th February.